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    Michael Wong is currently working as an independent creative director and film director, after having spent 16 years as an ad agency art director and creative director. In the late 90s, he left his native Malaysia and arrived in China, where he's worked at such leading agencies as Ogilvy, BBDO, TBWA, Grey and Saatchi & Saatchi.


    After more than a decade and having won over 50 creative awards, Michael decided to move onto the filmmaking scene as a writer/director with his directorial debut for Lenovo; a viral video campaign that was to be used in such markets as India, Russia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey, South Africa, South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


    Since then, Michael has been making the truth appealing for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Seres, Toyota, Citroën, Foton Daimler, Xiaomi, Microsoft, Haier, China Petroleum, Mengniu, Yili Dairy, Unilever, IDO Jewelry, Johnson & Johnson, JD.com, Celcom Axiata, Maybank and CloudMinds, just to name a few. He is the kind of collaborative thinker who's especially good at expanding on little thoughts and turning them into big ideas, with a strong and steady eye on making the work look and feel fresh.


    His directorial debut short film ‘The Story of 90 Coins’ picked up 70+ accolades from international film festivals; which includes the Best Direction and Best Cinematography at Malta Short Film Festival, Rising Star Awards at Canada International Film Festival, Best Foreign Short Film at Ukrainian International Short Film Festival, Best Drama and Best Cinematography at Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Foreign Short at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, among others.


    His most recent micro short film ‘The Tattooist’ has been awarded Best Trailer at HorrorHaus Film Festival, Best Gore, Best Editing and multiple nominations at Independent Horror Movie Awards, Most Terrifying award and multiple nominations at Top Indie Film Awards, Best Trailer at Terror In The Bay Film Festival, Best Director at Diabolical Horror Film Festival, Winners at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and Cult Critic Movie Awards, among others.


    Michael's works have been featured in Shots, Trendwatching and Graphis magazine. He has judged at the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards and Ad Stars Festival.



  • The Story of 90 Coins

    Short Film

    'The Story of 90 Coins' unfolds through a special promise of love and happiness made by one male passionate lover to a seemingly reluctant girl. Ninety coins symbolize ninety days the guy gives himself to convince the girl to marry him by showing her his true color and prove his intentions.


    Everything seems to go quite well as the two, in fact, fall in love. But time passes and the romance bubble deflates as reality breaks in with its daily routine, ambiguity, and incomprehension. Will they be able to overcome this critical passage or will they put an end to what it started so pure and beautiful? Without spoiling the finale, the short film reminds: “Don’t let a promise just be a beautiful memory” which somehow invites to not surrender to the hard moments of love but to try trusting its capacity of resilience and re-launch it in a greater perspective. In sum, try not to kill something beautiful as you may regret for the rest of your life.


    This is the story of a promise, misunderstanding and regret. The story of 90 coins.

  • Haier 'Crystal' Washing Machine

    TV Commercial

    Haier, one of China's largest white goods manufacturer wanted a product launch video for their flagship high-end 'Crystal' washing machine. A state-of-the-art masterpiece that is aesthetic in design, full intelligent with Wifi connectivity and heat drying function.


    Well designed masterpiece for modern living.


    525mm super large diameter.
    Pincushion internal cylinder for extra protection.
    Accurate smart detergent dispenser.
    Cradle-type gentle wash.
    Washing and heat drying combo.

  • Comfort 'Embarrassment'

    TV Commercial


    For their new advertisement campaign, Unilever wanted to harp on the product benefit that Comfort Fabric Conditioner brings. In this series of short advertisement, we feature some tongue-in-cheek situations in a consumer’s daily life.


    'Office' Translation:
    This is embarrassing!
    Be more smashing with zero shrinkage!
    Comfort Fabric Conditioner.
    Care for your fabric.


    'Shopping' Translation:
    This is embarrassing!
    Be more smashing with no static cling!
    Comfort Fabric Conditioner.
    Care for your fabric.


    'Wedding' Translation:
    This is embarrassing!
    Be more smashing with less wrinkles!
    Comfort Fabric Conditioner.
    Care for your fabric.

    Comfort 'Office'

    Comfort 'Shopping'

    Comfort 'Wedding'

  • Mercedes-Benz After Sales ‘Transparent’

    Brand Film

    As China became the largest automobile market in the world, the after sales service category expands accordingly. Authorized dealers and after sales service centers are mushrooming while dodgy service and repair outlets are competing against each other.


    Mercedes-Benz wanted to streamline and effectively manage their after sales services, hence the relaunch of Star Emblem Maintenance Menu. It offers total transparency in their services that include standardized pricing, genuine spare parts and professional technicians.


    This film depicts the mind's journey of our protagonist the moment he picks up the Star Emblem Maintenance Menu.

  • Foton Daimler 'Vision'

    TV Commercial

    Foton Beijing and Daimler-Benz recent joint-venture represents the latest step in the evolution of China’s automotive industry. Daimler is one of the world’s largest truck manufacturers and aims to improve on that position through the creation of outstanding value and quality. Foton, on the other hand, is China’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles and the largest manufacturer in Asia.


    Combining Foton’s proud tradition in China and Daimler’s long tradition in commercial vehicles, Foton Daimler is destined to have a bright future in China and beyond.


    This brand film sets the pace for a magnificent partnership.



    Technology is always evolving; let's come together to build a better tomorrow. Driven by Vision.

  • NQ Mobile 'Carousel'

    Cinema Commercial

    NQ Mobile, a mobile Internet platform company, needed a commercial to promote their 3 products; mainly mobile games, mobile music search and interactive wallpaper. The 3 products are different in nature and needed to be brought forward rather straightforward.


    We devised a method to put all three together in a rather entertaining way; plus summarized the brand with a nice ‘revolutionary’ visual ending.



    NQ Mobile. Enjoyment of carefree mobile lifestyle.

  • Lenovo 'Extra Time'

    Lenovo, one of the world's largest laptop brands, has developed a series of online viral videos for their latest flagship product - the ThinkPad T420s. It comes with a powerhouse of proven features such as faster graphics performance, faster boot up, faster wireless connections, faster data transfer, etc. To further enhance its credentials, these features are inherited from its forefather - the T410s model, ranked the '2010 Fastest Notebook of the Year' by Laptop Magazine.


    This is a good attempt for Lenovo's emerging marketing team to utilizes viral marketing on their high-end product range, with aims to gradually shift consumer perception from an older image to one that is younger, more vibrant and unorthodox.


    In these videos, the office executives are seen enjoying the benefits of their superbly fast laptops.


    These virals are specifically developed for use in the emerging markets such as India, Russia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey, South Africa, South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    Lenovo 'Copier Room'

    Lenovo 'Parking Lot'

    Lenovo 'Washroom'

  • BinHu 'Revelation'

    TV Commercial

    In conjunction with the urbanization strategy of Wujiang City, approved by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province of China; the municipal government needed a promotional film to raise awareness of its comprehensive project known as Wujiang BinHu Lakeside development. Strategically located at East TaiHu Lake, this urban ecological development will be a focal point for regional and foreign investors.


    The film builds up to an impending climax that leaves viewers asking for more.

  • CCTV 'Evolve'

    TV Commercial


    Due to China's rapid economic progress, the overall civic mind of the people needs to evolve as well. China Central Television (CCTV) developed a PSA campaign to instigate civilized behavior among the populous.


    The campaign depicts various slice of life situations and poses a thought-provoking question to the viewers towards the end.



    Were you civil today?

    CCTV 'Subway'

    CCTV 'Lift'

    CCTV 'Railing'

    CCTV 'Street'

    CCTV 'Cinema'

  • DaBao UV Protect 'Sunshine'

    Online Film

    Summer can be quite brutal in China with scorching sun and temperature hitting the high 40ºC. For this season, Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co. Ltd. needed an online video to make aware the DaBao UV Protect product. With DaBao UV Protect, one can embrace the sunshine and enjoy the summer without all the heavy clothing.


    Using a combination of time lapse, stop motion, and anamorphic perspective illusions, this melodious video shows the metamorphosis of a woman as she embraces the sunshine.


    This video also doubled up as an interactive piece, whereby visitors to the DaBao micro site can upload (or snapshot using their webcam) a still photograph to be inserted into the video and the site generates a personalized video to be share among the friends; thus helping to disseminate the idea further.

  • SanQuan 'Sweet Moment'

    TV Commercial

    TangYuan is a kind of traditional Chinese dessert consumed mostly once a year during the Chinese Lantern Festival. Instead of the traditional fillings, SanQuan wanted to extend the consumption behavior by reposition the product as a modern dessert indulgence with the introduction of real fruit pulps filling.


    The commercial shows the new concept of TangYuan and how one can indulge in the sweetness of it.



    Inspiring sweet moment. SanQuan Fruit TangYuan.

  • Zespri 'Undivided Love'

    TV Commercial

    As the leading kiwifruit brand in China, Zespri wanted to celebrate the happy moments of family sharing and togetherness. It is a universal understanding of the undivided motherly love and care in giving the very best to the children. Riding on this notion, we depict the love of a mother through the imaginative eyes of her child.


    Signoff: You are my other half; I'm your other half. Together, we are one.

  • Mengniu 'Morning'

    TV Commercial

    A bright day begins with a healthy breakfast. For active people on the move, Mengniu High Grain Breakfast Milk provides the complete nutritious to kick start the day.



    Mengniu High Grain Breakfast. A good morning begins with a balanced diet.

  • Accolades

    Film Direction

    • Official Selection - Top Shorts 2016
    • Best Foreign Short Film - Ukrainian Short Film Festival 2016
    • Merit Award - International New York Film Festival 2016
    • Winner Best Director - Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    • Official Selection Best Film - Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    • Official Selection Best Cinematography - Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    • Official Selection Best Actor - Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    • Official Selection Best Story - Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016
    • Official Selection - Toronto Film Week 2016
    • Official Selection - DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2016
    • Official Selection - Canada International Film Festival 2016
    • Special Jury Mention - Promofest Short of the Year 2016
    • Official Selection - Venice Film Week 2016
    • Official Selection - Sydney World Film Festival 2015
    • Official Selection - Canada Shorts Film Festival 2015
    • Official Selection - Kiwi International Film Festival 2015
    • Official Finalist - London Film Awards 2105
    • Official Selection - #TOFF The Online Film Festival 2015
    • Official Selection - SPFW Indie Film Festival 2015
    • Official Selection - Los Angeles CineFest 2015
    • Official Selection - US Hollywood International Film Festival (USHIFF) 2015
    • Official Selection - The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF) 2015
    • Official Selection - Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2015
    • Best Visual Category - China Golden Dove Awards

    Creative Direction

    • Cannes Lion - 3 Shortlist
    • One Show - 2 Merit
    • CLIO Awards - 5 Shortlist
    • London Int'l Advertising Awards - 1 Statue, 4 Finalist
    • World Press Awards - 1 Finalist
    • Adfest - 1 Finalist
    • Spikes - 3 Finalist, 2 Certificate of Excellence
    • New York Festivals Int'l Advertising Awards - 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 7 Finalist
    • Times Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards - 1 Silver, 4 Merit
    • LongXi Awards - 1 Merit
    • China 4As - 2 Bronze, 3 Finalist
    • China Advertising Festivals - 2 Silver, 1 Bronze, 6 Finalist
    • Effie China - 1 Bronze
    • China Automobile Advertisement Awards - Best Agency, Best Copywriting, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
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